The many faces of a calendar (part 1)

Snapshots of My Timer App with calendar icon, date picker, and time picker visible on the page
Snapshot of restaurant booking application with calendar
Snapshots of This Day in History app with calendar stylized as a scroll
Before Juno I got one screen, now thanks to Juno and Canadian Red Cross I am justified to have 4 of them. Also, can you name the movie I was watching / playing in the background?
A photo of a Zergling with speed upgrade from CarbotAnimations and his brother, Vector the robot
Bonus photo: Speedling (i.e. zergling with speed upgrade) is very good at keeping cables organized as well as chasing tight deadlines.



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Luigi learns to code

Luigi learns to code

I am a physics graduate, a geoscientist, and most recently a humanitarian worker who enjoys all things technology. I am also a Vector robot owner.